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To our loyal customers:


R&M Marine, Inc. is very happy and very proud to announce that Pat, Natalie & Jeff Soles, the family that operates Barewest Wakeboard & Fishing Towers has purchased our inventory, phone number and will take on the crew from R&M.


Pat and his son Jeff seem to be on the same page as R&M was, in terms of customer satisfaction and fair pricing. “Quality Service at a Fair Price” has always been our motto and after numerous conversations it seems like they will continue with that tradition.


My son, Mike ‘Hoss’ Dennis will be the service manager/writer for the new company as well as continue to do work in the shop. Our two excellent young men, Ryan and Nate will also go with new operation. You will have the same fine young men repairing your boat that you have had the last few years.


The phone number will simply be answered by the new company sometime around the end of Feb 2018. Hopefully this will provide a smooth and clean transition for our wonderful customer base. Please give these guys every consideration just as if it were R&M answering the phone. They want to help you and they want your work. This really seems like a good fit for us and you, our clientele, so when you hear that different name don’t hang up. It isn’t the wrong number.


I would again like to thank all of our customers over the years that have made R&M Marine, Inc. what it was. A fun place to work and a place we are proud of. Thanks again, for letting us serve you.


Mike Dennis


R&M Marine, Inc.

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R&M Marine Inc.