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Meguiar's New Boat Owner Kit (Wash, wax, detailer and applicator) Cleans, restores color, removes oxidization and more $35.95


Crusader:Multi-Purpose Cleaner: This is the first step in cleaning your boat,  again spray on wait to wipe off, then after you wipe off

                 crusader you then rinse off with water.  Crusader is a great   product, but can leave behind a residue. $5.95

Starbrite  Mold remover: This is the 2nd step in cleaning a boat that had been wintered and mildew had formed.     

                 Spray on small area to test then cover the vinyl area and wait 5 minutes and wipe off. $11.95

Surface Guard Protectant:  This is amazing stuff right here and will be the life blood of your vinyl material.  This

                 product moisturizes your upholstery, keep the elasticity to it and prevents cracking.  This is to be used after

                 every thing is clean and dry.  This product can be used on any vinyl, dashes or even my car and massage  

                 table gets some.  Apply with out wait time, then wipe off and admire the shine.  $14.95


Teak Brightener: By Boat armor Unique teak cleaning brightener, removes chalky look to your teak items $17.95

Teak oil:    We like Meguia's Gold Teak Oil, absorbs quickly and leaves it shinny and new looking. 

                    Check out the pic! $7.95                   



Starbrite Aluminum Cleaner: Removes waterline scum and stains, brightens aluminum surfaces.  Quick acting

                     and easy to use. $16.95     




Vinyl Cleaning


1st Gather bucket of: warm water, Magic eraser, Crusader multi cleaner, 2 rag and Surface Guard.

2nd Start at front of boat, spray down bow and let sit for a couple more minutes, take Magic Eraser and wipe clean. Continue to the back. 

3rd Take your wet rag and wipe any left over residue from cleaner.

4th Spray Surface Guard, take 2nd rag and spread smooth (do not let sit uneven)


Do this when putting boat in storage in winter, then again in spring, During summer at least every month.   By attending to your vinyl this way you will increase the durability, elasticity, and keep you upholstery from cracking.